Custom Jewelry

Our custom jewelry starts out with a picture or an idea. From there, either a wax is hand carved by our jeweler, or a CAD is made. Once it is finished, and you approve the wax or CAD and we have it cast in yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. The stones are then set and you have a one of a kind piece of jewelry.

Custom Engagement Rings

If you want a special engagement ring that only you have, we can make a custom ring for you. We can also alter one of our existing ring designs, adding diamonds or using a colored stone, such as a sapphire (or even a colored diamond) to create a unique piece.

Custom Wedding Bands

Often, people will have an engagement ring, and want a wedding band that fits right up against it, but because of the unique style of the engagement ring, they can not find anything to match. In this case, we can use your engagement ring to make a mold, then hand carve a wax specially shaped to fit against the ring. We’ll show you the wax for approval, cast it in gold, and after a few more adjustments to the final piece, you will have a custom made band specially made to fit and match your engagement ring.

Gold Nugget Pendants

If you have a good amount of scrap gold from broken pieces or pieces you don’t wear anymore, we can melt them into a gold nugget pendant. Each is unique, and diamonds can be added to make them even more special.