Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What’s your return policy?

You can return non-custom or non-special order items within 30 days of purchase as long as they have not been altered (such as if a ring was already sized).

Do you do your jewelry repair in-house?

Yes, our jewelry repair is done in house by a professional goldsmith.

What do you charge to size a ring?

Ring sizing starts at $35 and goes up from there. It all depends on the amount of gold we need to put in to size it up, and/or the work we may need to do to make sure all the stones are secure after sizing. Once we see the ring, we can give an estimate if needed.

Do you do appraisals?

Yes, appraisals start at $75. You will get an official, signed document detailing your piece of jewelry and what it is worth. You will need to give a copy of your appraisal to your insurance company if you are insuring your jewelry.

Do you repair watches?

Yes, however most watch repairs will need to be sent out to one of our watch repair companies. We do some watch repairs in-house, including changing watch batteries, and sizing watch bands.